AMZ Europe - Affiliate program


The AMZ Europe Affiliate Program is a way for us to thank and reward those who recommend our services. 

We currently offer affiliates 10% of purchases made through their affiliate link, subject to the following conditions:

  • You may NOT earn affiliate commission on your own purchases.

  • We DO NOT pay commission on sales earned through PPC advertising (e.g for terms like "AMZ Europe", "Amazon listing optimization"). 

  • Affiliate commission will be paid through PayPal.

  • Affiliate referrals last for 1 month after the initial visit.

Become An Affiliate

It's simple, easy and free to join! Just click on the button below and populate our short form to get started.

How It Works

Step 1. Once your admission to our affiliate program is confirmed, we will provide you with your own unique affiliate link by email. You can also find it on your affiliate account homepage under "YOUR REFERRAL LINK".

By default, this affiliate link directs your readers to our main page. If you want to direct people to a specific page, click on "Change URL", paste the specific address you wish to promote, and click on "COPY LINK". A referral link for that specific address will be generated.

Note that you can generate affiliate links by yourself simply by adding "?afmc=XX" (replacing "XX" with your affiliate code) at the end of the URL you wish to direct your readers. For example, if your affiliate code is "23" -

Step 2. Share this link with your network via your website, social media, blog and / or emails. You can use the banners provided at the bottom of this page on your website (you can also find them in your affiliate account in the "marketing materials" section).

Step 3. When a user clicks your affiliate link / banner, they'll be directed to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software

Step 4. You will earn a commission if they purchase any of our products

Step 5. Any affiliate commission earned is paid at the start of every month, via PayPal - you have a personalized dashboard, to see how much commission you have earned at any time