Below is our list of recommended tools, services and software for Amazon Sellers. 

Software For Amazon Sellers

Product Research & Sales tracking

Jungle Scout's extension provides sales estimates of products sold on Amazon US and Amazon Europe's three biggest markets (UK, Germany and France). Use this to help your European product research, by identifying products that are selling well in the UK, Germany and France. If you are already selling in Europe, you can use the sales data from Jungle Scout's extension to estimate how many units your competitors are selling. Learn more.

Split Testing

A software which allows Amazon Sellers to optimize their product listings by running A/B tests. Splitly now supports split testing in Amazon's European markets, including the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Learn more.

Email Follow-Up

Email follow-up for and all five Amazon European marketplaces can be run under one account and plan. They also currently offer a 25 free day trial. Learn more

Professional Services

product photography & graphic design

Need a professional product photographer for your Amazon products? We recommend Virtuous Graphics for high quality, yet affordable images for your listings. They also offer graphic design services for product inserts, logo creation, and product packaging. 

For Amazon Europe Sellers

listing optimization - UK, DE, FR, IT, ES

That's us! We help Amazon Sellers to increase their sales in Europe.

How do we do it? Using a powerful combination of keyword research and localization (a mix of copywriting and translation), we produce optimized and translated product listings for Amazon UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain.

VAT Compliance

Having your stock in an Amazon FBA centre in Europe triggers an immediate need to VAT register in that country. provides European VAT Tax compliance services for Amazon sellers including VAT registrations in the main Amazon centres in Europe – France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and also in the Czech Republic and Poland (which all make up the Amazon Pan-EU Fulfilment Service). Learn More.

For Amazon US Sellers

Copywriting / Listing Optimization - US

Asteroid Aim Logo.PNG

Need an Amazon listing written from scratch (in English)? We recommend AsteroidAim, who combine persuasive copywriting and detailed keyword research to provide you with a top quality listing.