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AMZ Dojo

Our Youtube Channel (AMZ Dojo) is dedicated to helping Amazon Sellers in our community to grow their business. Check out our collection of videos below!

Visually Optimize Amazon Listings & Photos For More Sales

If you want to learn how to make your listings stand out on Amazon and beat the competition, you need to watch this video!

Featuring Erick Rodriguez, Founder of Virtuous Graphics. Want awesome images for your products? Check out their site! -


How To Optimize Amazon PPC -THE SECRET To Better Performance

Whether you want to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns or are just getting started, you need to watch this video! Most FBA sellers overcomplicate PPC on Amazon and it takes up way too much of their time.

You’ll learn the secret to optimize Amazon PPC in a way that is easy to manage, even for bigger FBA businesses!

Featuring Ben Aldern, Co-Founder of Prestozon - Amazon PPC Optimization and Automation Software. Use code FBA15 for a 1 WEEK FREE TRIAL - you'll also get a 10% discount if you choose to subscribe! -


How To Hire & Train A Virtual Assistant (VA) For Amazon FBA

Watch this video to learn how hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) can help you take day to day tasks off your plate.

You’ll also learn:

  • 3 common mistakes of outsourcing and how to avoid them;

  • How to onboard and train a VA;

  • How to communicate with a VA and continue passing off low level tasks; and

  • Where you can find reliable and skilled VAs for Amazon FBA /Ecommerce

Featuring Connor Gillivan, Co-Founder of Freeeup - a marketplace for hiring VAs and freelancers for your Ecommerce / Amazon FBA Business. Join Freeeup today and use coupon code FBA15 for a $25 credit towards your first hire -