Case Study - Automotive Brand (Amazon EU)



  • Client’s product was an automotive accessory and selling very well on, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.

  • In comparison, sales were much lower on Amazon France, Italy and Spain.

  • Client engaged us to improve performance in these marketplaces.

The Problem

The Solution - Listing Optimization

  1. This involved detailed keyword research in each language to identify the best keywords to target to drive traffic and sales.

  2. We also localized the product’s Amazon UK Listings. Localization is a combination of copywriting and translation, which produces sales copy that is tailored to the local market you are targeting. This was done to improve conversion.

  3. In each language, the client received a product title, bullets, product description, search terms and a list of PPC terms to target.

  4. This work took 1 week to complete and the client then updated their listings on Amazon with the new and optimized content.


Marketplace Units sold per day BEFORE Units sold per day AFTER
Amazon FR 2 13
Amazon IT 4 28
Amazon ES 13 26
Total 19 67

The new and improved listings had a dramatic uplift in performance, with 48 more units being sold per day across these 3 marketplaces.

Monthly sales revenue before and after.png

This translated to a major uplift in monthly revenue, with an increase of over €25,000 across the 3 marketplaces. The largest growth was in Amazon Italy, with sales increasing by almost €12,000 per month.

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Disclaimer: While we have a very good track record, sales and ranking on Amazon depends on many factors, including product quality, images, competition and pricing - so, we can't guarantee specific traffic, conversion or sales. What we can guarantee is the great effort and expertise we put forth for each project.