How to reach more customers on Amazon Europe

How to Reach More Customers on Amazon Europe
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Many sellers have unknowingly restricted their potential customer base in Europe

If your export settings section in Seller Central (pictured below) displays "Disabled" or "9 Countries", you are missing out on customers from many countries in Europe.


FBA Export in Europe

FBA Export allows sellers to choose which European countries their products can be shipped to. 

Selecting the third option in export settings ("26 Countries") opens your Amazon business up to a significantly larger customer base in Europe. For example, your products could then be shipped to customers in Austria, Denmark & Sweden - according to data from, these countries combine for a larger amount of B2C Ecommerce Sales in Europe (7.4%) than Italy & Spain (7.1%), two of Amazon Europe's Big 5 Marketplaces.

With just a simple change in settings, you can increase your sales in Europe - and importantly, Amazon does not charge sellers any additional fees for FBA Export orders. Per picture below from Seller Central, there are "no additional fees for FBA Export orders on Amazon".


How to update your settings and sell to more customers in Europe

Our tutorial video below shows how to update your settings in Seller Central and ensure your products can be shipped to customers throughout Europe:

  1. In your European Seller Central account, click "Settings"
  2. Then, click "Fulfillment by Amazon"
  3. Next, click "Export Settings"
  4. For each market, update your "Shipping Program" to "26 Countries"

Final Thoughts

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