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Building Your Brand Off Amazon

Data from Marketplace Pulse shows that almost 3,000 new sellers sign up with Amazon every day! To counter this increasing competition, sellers must look to build their brand off Amazon in 2018.

Building a website around your FBA brand is the best way to do this in my opinion. If you’re interested in doing this, check out BrandBuilders, who specialize in developing websites for Amazon Sellers. I bought a site from them earlier this year and I was very happy with the experience and end result.

Finding The Best Price For Your Products

This can be difficult:

  • Price too high and you’ll prevent customers from clicking on your listing.
  • Even pricing too low can reduce traffic and sales, as it may suggest you’re selling a low quality product and turn off some buyers.

To start, review the pricing of the top sellers in your niche – it’s fair to assume they have tested and determined an optimal price that attracts customers and sales.

Go to Amazon and check the price range of the top 3 to 5 sellers in your niche.

If you’re significantly above this range, you might well be pricing your offering too high.

If your product is new (with very few reviews) or in decline, an effective way of getting more clicks and sales can be to lower your sales price. This should increase traffic and sales, and in turn improve your ranking on Amazon.

However, it’s important to note that competing on price may work temporarily, but there’s nothing to stop a competitor pricing lower than you. Downward price pressure like this erodes your profit margin.To avoid this, ensure your product offers some unique value / features compared to your competitors.

Cyber Monday Breaks Records For Amazon

Amazon reported that Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day ever, surpassing the previous record holder (Prime Day in July).

It wasn’t just in the US either, Amazon dominated Cyber Monday in the UK too -

B2C E-Commerce In Europe - Primed For Rapid Growth

The 2017 B2C E-Commerce Index by UNCTAD suggests that online sales in Europe are primed for significant growth.

The index highlighted that 7 of the 10 countries most ready to benefit from B2C E-Commerce are in Europe. This includes Amazon EU’s two biggest marketplaces, the UK and Germany, which were ranked 6th and 9th respectively. The US was listed 26th by comparison.

Amazon Europe's Growth Continues

The EU is Amazon’s biggest international marketplace and its growth continues. Recently, their expansion to Switzerland was announced -

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Grow and succeed on Amazon

Tips and insights to help you grow your Amazon business in US & Europe

We respect your privacy.