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Effective inventory management as your business grows

Too much inventory and you’ll incur high storage fees from Amazon, while tying up too much cash and preventing you from pursuing other opportunities.

But if you don’t have sufficient inventory at hand, you risk stockouts, lost sales and reduced ranking on Amazon.

As your business grows, it can be difficult to stay on top of this and ensure you have the right amount of inventory for each product. Here are 2 tips to improve your inventory management:

  1. Store any excess inventory with your freight forwarder or prep company. Their storage fees are lower than Amazon and this will reduce your costs.
  2. Use a tool like Forecastly to help you predict the inventory you’ll need in the coming months and order the right amount of inventory for each product.

The best way to get reviews for new products on Amazon?

The answer is Amazon’s early reviewer program.

How does it work?
In summary, if you’re selling a new product on Amazon, priced at $15 or more, you can use this program to get your first 5 reviews for $60.

As a bonus, the majority of these reviews tend to be 4 and 5 star reviews. It’s an excellent way to get your first reviews on the board and completely within Amazon’s rules obviously, as it’s an Amazon-run initiative.

Currently only available on Amazon US, but I would expect to see this implemented in Amazon EU by the end of this year.

Building A Brand On & Off Amazon [Case Study]

Are you looking to build your brand(s) off Amazon? There are a number of excellent tips and takeaways in this case study by Sumo -

Want to boost your performance on Amazon?

We optimize Amazon listings for more sales:

  • Detailed research to find the best keywords to drive traffic to your listing;
  • Expertly crafted sales copy to convert more of your visitors into buyers; and
  • You’ll even get a list of the top terms to target in advertising campaigns!

Available for Amazon EU sellers in German, French, Italian & Spanish.

We also optimize listings in English for Amazon US & UK sellers. 

Check out the awesome reviews from our clients too :)

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Grow and succeed on Amazon

Tips and insights to help you grow your Amazon business in US & Europe

We respect your privacy.