How to Launch Products and Maximize your Listings on Amazon Europe

How to Launch Products and Maximize Your Listing on Amazon Europe

Once you have optimized your listings for Amazon Europe, here are some key tips to successfully launch products and maximize the performance of your product listings.

Amazon PPC / Advertising 

Manual campaign

We recommend beginning PPC immediately when launching a new product - if you work with us, you can use the suggested PPC terms we provide with each listing.

This will provide traffic and help generate initial sales. As always, monitor performance over time and focus your PPC spend on strong performing keywords to make your campaigns more profitable. Remove or reduce your bid on loss-making keywords.

Auto campaign

It’s also advisable to run an automatic PPC campaign too when launching a new product, at least for a while.

The upside is a campaign with a low ACOS that helps you generate profitable sales, which you can leave active.

Even if it’s not a profitable campaign, you can download the search terms report from Seller Central and identify the keywords that are converting well for you. These can be added to your manual campaign(s).

Need help to automate and optimize your PPC?

Check out Prestozon - a powerful tool for automating PPC campaigns, which works for Amazon's US and European marketplaces. It offers clear analytics, helpful bid suggestions and even bid automation. An excellent tool to improve and optimize your PPC - particularly when you're selling on non-English speaking marketplaces. 

Use code "AMZEUROPE" at checkout and you'll get a 1 month subscription to Prestozon for free.

Email Sequences

A good post-purchase email sequence is critical to get more reviews for your products. It’s also good for engaging with customers and building your brand - a follow-up sequence of emails shows customers you are professional and place value on their satisfaction, which may encourage them to buy other products from you in the future.

You can use a tool like FeedbackZ, which functions with and Amazon Europe, to automate this business process.

We also offer customized email sequences for your products, which are available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

We don’t offer this service in German as we are aware of a few Sellers that have run into legal issues from sending email sequences in Germany. Something to bear in mind.

Product Images

As of the time of writing, Amazon Europe does not currently allow Sellers to have different images for each marketplace – and so, the same photos will be shown on Amazon UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. 

If you have photos with key text that:

  • is important for customers to make a purchasing decision; and / or

  • enhances your chances of making a sale;

we highly recommend that you incorporate translations of this text into your pictures. Our listing service for Amazon Europe includes translation of all text in your photos (excluding ingredients lists and legal disclaimers).

If you don’t do this, it can frustrate potential customers in Europe who can’t read English and lower your conversion.

By having multilingual photos, you ensure that customers in each marketplace can read your essential text. 

Product image with multilingual text 3.jpg

To ensure the text is clearly visible, use shorter messages, as it will need to be displayed in up to 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

If you need help implementing this or have other photo / image requirements for your Amazon products, we recommend Virtuous Graphics. They also do some really nice infographics, that can help your listing stand out.

FBA Export - How To Reach More Customers

Did you know that many Amazon Europe Sellers have unknowingly restricted their potential customer base in Europe?

In a previous blog post, we showed you to check your export settings in Seller Central and update them if necessary, to ensure you can reach the maximum number of potential Amazon Europe customers.

Product Promotions

Running promotions on Amazon are a useful tool to:

  • Get initial sales in a marketplace during a product launch;

  • Boost sales volumes during periods of underperformance / decline; and

  • Improve the visibility of your products.

Here's how to set up promotions in Seller Central. And remember, Amazon no longer permits Sellers to offer discounted or free products in exchange for a review. Doing so could result in your account being suspended.

To automate this process,  subscribers to AMZ Tracker can run promotions on a variety of marketplaces, including all Amazon Europe sites and

Have all of the points above covered?

It's time consider split testing to fine tune your listings and maximize your profits on Amazon Europe.

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