2 Key Split Tests for Amazon FBA Sellers

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The 2 most important split tests for your Amazon FBA products

Split Testing can help you determine what works best in your product listings, and ultimately generates more profit over the long term. In simple terms, it involves deriving two or more options and finding out which one performs best on Amazon.

The 2 most important tests to perform on your products are:

  1. Pricing – test 3 different prices and see which one maximizes your profit. This would be your expected price, a higher price (10% to 15% above the expected price) and a lower price (10% to 15% below the expected price)
  2. Main image – will an alternative image bring more traffic and sales to your listing? Some ways to create an alternative main image include the addition of your packaging to the main photo, including any bonuses offered with your product or photographing your product at a different angle.

If you’re ready to get started with split testing and find out how to maximize your profit, I would recommend Splitly - it’s a great tool to automate this process.

Functional packaging can help your products stand out

In the competitive world of selling on Amazon, you need something to help your products stand out.

Functional packaging is one way you can do this. As explained by Trendhunter:

“By incorporating alternative uses into packaging designs, whether related to the product or not, brands can improve product interaction so that the experience is naturalistic and unobtrusive.

39 functional packaging examples are highlighted in this slideshow - https://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/functional-packaging

An awesome tool to quickly offload tasks to your VA

I have been using Useloom to outsource tasks to my Virtual Assistant (VA) for the last few weeks. It allows me to record screen and voice at the same time - I can then clearly explain and demonstrate what I need my VA to do.

And best of all, it’s free! Check it out - http://useloom.com/

Get more reviews for your products (without breaking the rules)

This Forbes article outlines 4 ways you can get more product reviews on Amazon - https://bit.ly/2LJ4qHS


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