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ways to find new products (most sellers don’t do these)

While there is growing number of sellers on Amazon, you’ll likely have noticed that the majority source their products through Alibaba. To differentiate your business, look for other ways to find your next products, like:

  1. Sourcing locally - what products are produced in your local area? Maybe you can sell these on Amazon. You should also walk through retail stores and look out for products that catch your eye.
  2. Going to tradeshows - most categories have at least 1 major show per year. For example if you’re selling in the baby category, search “baby expo” on google. Even if you can’t attend a tradeshow or expo, most of these websites provide an exhibitor list - go to their websites and see what types of products they offer.
  3. Be an active participant in your category / niche - by contributing on forums, reading articles and following the biggest brands, you'll be more informed than your competitors and can use this knowledge to create better products for your customers in the future. You may even be able to spot a big trend in its infancy and gain first mover advantage on Amazon!

While these approaches require more effort than Alibaba, they’re much more difficult for other sellers to imitate - it’s doing things like this that can help your brand separate itself from the pack and grow!

Graphic Design for Amazon Sellers

I was recently introduced to Outlinematic, an excellent team of graphic designers for Amazon Sellers. They can design logos, packaging, inserts, brochures and even infographics! Check out an example of their work below.

amazon fba packaging design

Very impressed by their work and all packages include unlimited revisions too. Use coupon code "AMZEUROPE" for a 10% discountcheck out their site for more info!

How our client added €25,000 in monthly revenue on Amazon EU

Many sellers think that the only worthwhile Amazon EU marketplaces are the UK & Germany. In this case study, we worked with a client that had very low sales in France, Italy & Spain.

Learn how we helped this client achieve a major uplift in monthly revenue, with an increase of over €25,000 across these 3 marketplaces -

Influencer Marketing Platform

Interested in social media influencers promoting your products to their followers? It’s a great way to increase brand exposure and boost sales. Famebit is a platform that connects interested influencers with sellers / brands like you.

Check it out if you’re interested -

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Grow and succeed on Amazon

Tips and insights to help you grow your Amazon business in US & Europe

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Grow and succeed on Amazon

Tips and insights to help you grow your Amazon business in US & Europe

We respect your privacy.