Split Testing For Success on Amazon Europe

Will a change to your listing generate more profit?

Split Testing can help answer this question. 

For Amazon Sellers, Split Testing (also known as “A/B Testing”) can help determine what works best in product listings, and ultimately generates more profit over the long term. 

In simple terms, it involves deriving two options / variants (A and B), and determining which one performs better on Amazon.

If your listings are optimized and localized for Amazon Europe, and you have addressed these key areas for a successful product launch, Split Testing is definitely something to consider.

In the context of Amazon Listings, the following can be tested (without any language or technical skills):

  • Main image – will an alternative product image bring more or less traffic to your listing?

  • Title - could a shorter title improve conversion?

  • Pricing – what price is optimal for maximizing profit?

CashCowPro and Splitly are software solutions that automate split testing for Amazon Sellers, by automatically testing both options / variants. Both solutions are compatible with Amazon’s European Marketplaces too.

CashCowPro is a more well-rounded software and includes additional functionality, including messaging and keyword tracking.

Splitly specializes in split-testing for Amazon listings and offers more comprehensive functionality for this purpose. They also published an excellent guide that offers a number of split testing ideas and tips.

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